Less competition, more collaboration


At Intention Boutique, we believe in the power of intention, the magic of collaboration, and the limitless potential of small businesses, makers, and creatives like you. We prioritize values over profits, ensuring every seller has a chance to shine.  Join us in driving meaningful change through commerce.
We are more than just a marketplace; we are vibrant community where dreams are nurtured, creations celebrated, and passions turned into purpose. We’ve built a space where every product tells a story and every vendor’s journey is valued.

No Surprise Fees, Promise!

Unlike some other platforms, there are no sneaky upsells or hidden extras here. Your success is our priority, and we provide a transparent, all-inclusive partnership that maximizes the value of your investment. We’ll feature your products, assist with SEO, run ads, and handle all your marketing needs. And guess what? We’ve got your back on sales and discounts too!

Curated Selection, Purposeful Brands:

We thoughtfully curate a limited selection of items that align with our values. Our mission goes beyond supporting positive initiatives; it’s about choosing brands that resonate with the vision of manifesting the best life for you and others. Together, we guide customers to spend with intention, fostering a network of mutual support.

How It Works

Start Your Journey for Free!

Join Intention Boutique at no cost and begin your adventure. When your products find their perfect match, we'll take a small commission, leaving you with the rest to enjoy!

List Your Products, Emphasizing Values!

Display your products with a focus on values and unique attributes, complemented by our Intention Icons. Each product tells a story, and now it's time for yours to be heard.

Amplify Your Product Listings

Enjoy product features, SEO help, advertising, and sales—all at no extra cost. Our seller support provides events, a dedicated Facebook group, and hands-on services to boost your sales.

Earn Commissions and Spread the Love!

Share your special affiliate link and watch the magic happen! Get a commission on everything that finds a new home from our shop. It's like sharing the love, and the rewards, all at once!

Ready to Join the Intention Boutique Community?

Selling with Intention Boutique is more than just a transaction. It’s about joining a community that supports your dreams, your business, and your vision for a better world. Have questions or need a hand? We’re always here to help. Let’s make a difference together!

Top FAQ Answers

Taxes Made Easy

We'll handle adding the right taxes to your orders and pass that money straight to you. Just remember, you're in charge of filing and paying any required taxes in your state.

Ship with Ease

You're in the driver's seat when it comes to shipping. We'll collect the shipping costs from the buyer and send them straight to you.

Refunds? You're in Control

Set your own refund policy, post it on your store page, and stick to it. You know what's best for your business!

Stripe, PayPal, Check, and More to Come!

Currently, we offer PayPal and check payments. But stay tuned - we're cooking up even more payment options to make sure you get paid your way!

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