Tiffany Jasper Pendant with 18” Adjustable Leather Cord


This Tiffany Jasper Cabochon is absolutely beautiful! It is mounted on a silver bezel and hangs on an 18” adjustable lilac colored leather cord. 

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Behind the Product

The cabochon for this necklace was hand selected for its uniqueness and energy. I absolutely love this piece. I say this with a lot of my jewelry but, this one is hard to let go. When I was photographing it for the first time, it swung on a hook like a pendulum. The energy is that real! I hope that whomever purchases this necklace receives its gifts as I feel that they will be plentiful. 

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As with any metal, it is recommended that this necklace be removed before contact with water to reduce the risk of tarnishing. Contact with chemicals such as sunscreen and lotion should also be limited.

Tiffany Jasper Cabochon, silver bezel, 18” adjustable leather cord, B-7000 jewelry glue

    This Tiffany Jasper Pendant with an 18” Adjustable Lilac Colored Cord Necklace is a must-have for anyone looking for a beautiful and healing accessory. The pendant itself is made of Tiffany Jasper, which boasts multiple stunning colors. The stone is set in a silver bezel and hangs on an 18” adjustable cord in lovely lilac color.

    Apart from its exquisite appearance, this pendant also possesses healing properties. Tiffany Jasper emits light energy, promoting health and well-being while helping you through challenging times with clear thinking and understanding.

    Moreover, this stone has positive energies that can declutter your mind and keep negative thoughts at bay. With its natural beauty combined with the potential to enhance your mental state positively, the Tiffany Jasper Pendant makes an excellent addition to any collection.

    Invest in this stunningly colorful natural mixed color pendant today to add some beauty while benefiting from its healing properties!

    Please note- This product photo was take in a light box. When using a light box for photography, colors tend to appear slightly more vibrant or even dull than in natural lighting.


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