Obsidian Variety Crystal Collection Set.


Beautifully hand-selected and intuitively chosen collection containing multiple varieties of obsidian crystals. This set is not only beautiful, it gives off strong vibrations. Please read below for more information!!

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Behind the Product

Each crystal in this collection was carefully considered and chosen specifically for its abilities and strong vibrations. 

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Please unbox this package with care as each crystal will be wrapped individually to ensure their safe arrival to your home. 

Multiple varieties of obsidian, macrame keychain tumble holder, obsidian bracelet

    Discover the power of obsidian crystals with this remarkable Obsidian Variety Crystal Collection Set. This set is perfect for anyone looking to harness the energies of these stones. 

    The set includes a beautiful snowflakes obsidian tower that stands tall and proud, radiating its energy throughout any space it’s placed in. Snowflake obsidian is known to help balance emotions and shield from negative energy  

    You’ll also find a mini glass jar filled with both snowflake and black obsidian crystal chips – perfect for carrying around with you or keeping on your desk to remind you of their powerful properties. Both black and snowflack protect against negative energies. 

    The black obsidian palm-sized heart is a stunning centerpiece, reminding you to keep your heart open and receptive to the energies around you. The matching black obsidian crystal bracelet brings its healing properties wherever it goes.

    A small black obsidian sphere provides balance and harmony, while the palm stone allows for easy carrying in pockets or purses – providing on-the-go support whenever needed.

    Lastly, this gift set contains cute little macrame keychain tumble holder which is already adorned with a Silver  Obsidian Crystal – perfect for bringing balance into any environment  

    This Obsidian Variety Collection Set is an excellent addition to any collection or as a beautiful gift for anyone interested in healing energy from crystals!


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