Chrysoprase Necklace: for happiness and prosperity


This stunning chryroprase cabochon on half bezel with 18” silver chain was made with the intention of bringing positive energy and prosperity to the wearer. The stone is a balance of brightly colored green and earthy brown. It gives off such strong vibrations! This necklace is one-of-a-kind 

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Behind the Product

The Chryoprase cabochon for this necklace is hand selected. I saw it and immediately fell in love. It has such positive energy to it. The cabochon is mounted on a half-bezel as I wanted to show off as much of the beauty of the stone as possible. The pendant is paired with a simple silver chain making the piece lightweight and wearable for everyday. 

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As with any metal, it is recommended that this necklace be removed before contact with water to reduce the risk of tarnishing. Contact with chemicals such as sunscreen and lotion should also be limited.

Chrysoprase cabochon, silver necklace chain, B-7000 jewelry glue, silver half bezel

    This Chryoprase half-bezel pendant is one of my favorites. It almost hurts me to list it for sale. However, I am a strong believer that such beauty and energy should be shared whenever possible. 

    The use of Chryoprase dates back to the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians. It was often used to make signets, seals, jewelry, and other items. Most notably, the stone was used by “Alexander III, an ancient Greek king of Macedonia, was one of the most successful, undefeated military commanders in Greek history (Chryoprase Meanings and Properties, 2024). 

    The many, the stone symbolizes happiness, enterprise, and prudence. It is believed to bring good fortune and prosperity to the wearer. When I chose this specific stone, I envisioned its owner smiling proudly and showing it off to their friends. This person appeared to be happy, a nice change for them. And they came to cover this necklace as their talisman for good luck.

    Specifications: The cabochon was hand-selected and intuitively chosen. The stone is 18cts and measures 28x16mm. It is mounted on a silver leaf-shaped half-bezel and rests on a silver 18” chain.

    If this necklace is calling to you, I encourage you to answer its call. This stone is one of a kind; it cannot be replicated. 


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